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All-Star Elite Competitive

All-Star cheer is a competitive team sport that combines the athletic skills of gymnastics, dance, and acrobatics.  Teams are grouped by age and skill levels determined by the United States All Star Federation (USASF).  KCAC’s Full Season All-Star Competitive teams practice all year long with competitions from November through April. 


  Kansas City Athletic Cheer has teams of all ages and skill levels. The skill levels range from

Level 1 to our Level 6 Worlds Teams. We strive to place all of our athletes on the team where the team can succeed, and where they can excel and continue to progress with their individual skills.

Our full season Competitive All-Star teams practice 2-3 days a week and include a tumbling class during their practice time.

Our full season Competitive teams are our highest level of commitment to mandatory practices. For less commitment or an introduction to the All-Star World, please look at our Prep and Recreational Cheer Teams.

KCAC’s lower level Full Season All-Star Competitive Teams offer minimal travel.

All of our All-Star coaches are credentialed by the USASF and are safety and CPR certified.



Elite Team Athlete Evaluations

May 14-16

Team Placement Evaluations for the 2024-2025

Competitive Season are happening May 14-15 


Click Below to Sign up for a Team Evaluation!

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