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Cheer Abilities

By doing what you Love, you Inspire and awaken the hearts of others.


We are looking for athletes between the ages of 4 years old and up to join us!

This is an opportunity for your athlete to compete and perform at an all-star gym with their peers. Athletes will grow not only their cheerleading skills, like stunting, tumbling, and dancing, but also their self-esteem. We hope to create life-long friendships, memories, and skills!

Team Inspire is KCAC’s Cheer Abilities team for all athletes with special needs ages 4 and up.

Kansas City Athletic Cheer is home to one of the most well respected competitive
cheerleading programs in the Kansas City and surrounding region. We offer All-Star
Competitive Teams, All Star Prep Competitive Teams, Recreational Cheer Teams, multiple levels of
tumbling instruction, stunting, private instruction, and more. KCAC is not only passionate about developing outstanding athletes but also passionate about helping to mold and develop upstanding moral individuals who will benefit in life from their time with us. KCAC is a place where all are welcome and it is a gym dedicated to creating athletes with a heart for others!

This is an opportunity for your athlete to compete and perform at an all-star gym with their peers.
Cheerleading is a sport that builds strength, trust, and self-esteem. The team works on all aspects of
cheerleading like stunts, jumps, basic tumbling, dancing, strength, and conditioning. KCAC is an all-star gym built on putting safety first. Our main purpose is to provide a safe and fun environment for your athlete to learn new skills, create life-long friendships, memories, promote self-esteem, and improve social skills.

Our team is $40 a month and has practice once a week. All uniforms will be provided by the gym and with no extra cost to families. All competition fees will also be paid by the gym. *If there is anyone who would need a payment plan or scholarship, we can discuss further. We want Team Inspire to be accessible to everyone without money being an issue.



If interested, please email  to confirm when this team will practice next, and be put on the email distribution list.

Team Inspire Head Coach

Katrina Schuster has been a part of Team inspire since 2019. Katrina began her allstar cheerleading career at KCAC, was on Platinum for 4 years, and was on her high school cheerleading squad at BVSW. Katrina went on to cheer at the collegiate level at the University of Kansas for 4 years and was also a Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA) Instructor during that time. Katrina graduated from KU in 2019 with a degree in Speech-Language & Hearing and is now pursuing her masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology. 

“KCAC is one of the most compassionate and determined programs I have been a part of. From a young age, my heart has always held a special place for individuals with special needs. My sister has autism which paved a unique, personal journey that is an important part of who I have become. Cheerleading has brought so many special people into my life and memories I will cherish forever. I’m thankful to play a role in helping athletes with special needs have similar experiences. Team Inspire provides the  opportunity for athletes of all abilities to overcome adversity, make unforgettable memories, work of social and communication skills, learn the importance of hardwork, feel the joy of perfecting a new skill, becoming a better athlete and friend to others by working TOGETHER! These individuals fill my heart with so much love. Their happiness and success means the world myself and everyone at KCAC.”

Team inspire mentors

We are looking for volunteers to help mentor our Athletes with special needs. These mentor positions are open to KCAC Athletes, tumbling class participants, friends and family members. This is a unique opportunity for you to help others develop new skills & form life-long friendships.

If you are interested in volunteering and joining this team as a mentor, please contact Johanna Lucas by email at for a TEAM INSPIRE Application *must be 12 years old or older.


“I’ve been able to learn so many cheerleading skills I was not able to do in school. I have made so many friends that I get to cheer with every Sunday. I have learned to become a leader by helping my teammates and helping my amazing coach. I never would have learned cheerleading skills and becoming a leader if I had never become a part of this team. I am so grateful for this team, fun teammates, and a truly amazing coach.”

- J

“In a very difficult time of Covid and absolutely everything in her world shut down she delighted that after a brief closing Cheer with safety precautions opened up! They didn’t have as big of performances but they did perform for family and go cheerleaders! Thank goodness for team inspire!”

“Thank you for working with the different abilities across individuals, their families, and building a community of acceptance high standards for what they could achieve as an individual and a collective group!” 

- Team Inspire Parent

- Team Inspire Parent


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