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Cheer Programs

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Learn and Love Cheerleading


We understand that competition teams are a huge commitment!

KCAC has the perfect fit, so whether you’re way too busy to make the commitment right now, but your athlete loves or is just getting into cheer, we offer a simply and flexible option.

 Enjoy the relaxation that comes with a recreational cheer team with a season that runs all year long!




(Lessons . In . Fundamental . Elements  - of Cheer)

PIXIES TEAM: Fridays Ages 3yrs - 5yrs

FUSION TEAM: Ages 5 - 6ys

SPICE GIRLS TEAM:  7yrs - 13yrs

 Our Rockstars Performance Cheer Program introduces; Sideline Style Cheer, Competitive Style Cheer, and Tumbling allowing your athlete to learn the fundamentals of the sport of cheerleading in a positive environment with team spirit, and good sportsmanship.

Learn motions, jumps, stunts, cheers, chants, tumbling and a competition style routine that will build confidence and entertain the audience!


KCAC Rockstars Performance Cheer performs 4 times a year with each performance filled with new and exciting skills.

The Rockstars Performance Team Session Runs in half year rotations.

 Current Session June 2024-December 2024

Monthly Tuition allows for open enrollment, athletes can sign up anytime!

A $20 registration fee will be incurred at your initial enrollment only for a set of personal pom poms and performance bow that is your athletes to keep.

Classes for ages 5+ run 90min and ages 3-4yrs 60min

View our Recreational Performance Cheer classes

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