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 KCAC Tumbling Scholars is a great place to learn as you play!

We combine Academics and Exercise together to create a fun learning environment, preparing athletes for brain function and fine motor skills used in  elementary education.

Our program is broken into 4 unique sections, designed to help your child feel confident with letters, letter sounds, numbers, counting, writing their name, and so much more!

In addition, because research has proven how excellent exercise is for learning and memory, we pair the learning with a 40 minute tumbling class.

Our 4 fun and educational sessions are the perfect combination for your scholar!

Play Based Learning 9:00-10:30

Story time 10:30-11:00

Creative Learning 11:00-12:00

Snack and Tumbling 12:00-1:00


Are you looking for a fun and unique way to introduce your toddler to structured learning and exercises?
KCAC's Tot Spot is the perfect option for ages 20months to 3years old.
Learn and move through exploratory play based learning.

Your child will have the opportunity to develop social skills and independence, work on gross motor skills through gym/tumbling time, and experience creative sensory play.
With a new, fun theme every week, your child is sure to love the excitement of the Tot Spot!

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