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All-Star Prep Competitive

KCAC’s All-Star Competitive Prep Cheer is the perfect entry program to have your athlete begin their all-star cheer experience. Our Prep Teams practice 2 days a week with a total of 3 hours. Attendance is required to be a member of our Competitive Prep Teams. These teams will get the experience of competing locally but on a smaller scale than our full season teams.  There is no travel required for this team.

KCAC currently offers Tiny Prep (ages 4-6), Mini-Prep (ages 6-8) and Junior Prep (ages 8-14).

For more commitment, look to our Full Season Competitive All-Star Teams. For less commitment, look to our Recreational Cheer Teams.

All of our All-Star coaches are credentialed by the USASF and are safety and CPR certified.

Prep Level 2 Team Picture

Tryouts are coming soon!

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